Check and Connect

Helping youth stay focused on education

Check and Connect is ...

  • Student engagement intervention
  • Focused on drop out prevention
  • Implemented by a trained mentor
  • Individualized and data-driven
  • Evidence based (researched since 1990)
  • Used as a stand-alone model or with existing initiatives (PBIS, Rtl, multitiered system of support, etc.)

Check & Connect is an intervention used with K-12 students who show warning signs of disengagement with school and who are at risk of dropping out. At the core of Check & Connect is a trusting relationship between the student and a caring, trained mentor who both advocates for and challenges the student to keep education salient. Students are referred to Check & Connect when they show warning signs of disengaging from school, such as poor attendance, behavioral issues, and/or low grades.

InSight utilizes interns from local universities as the Check & Connect mentors. The intern commitment will be a minimum of two years. The programming is initiated while youth are in residential placement and are within 90 days of returning to the community. Service continues with the youth in the community.